Welcome to the Enterprise Architecture Talk. A blog and fresh source for the wide spectrum of enterprise architecture management (EAM) by people who passionatly care about making Operational Excellence a habit and not just a pipe dream.

What is our objective?

We share a simple idea: make enterprises evolve and put aside the discussions that became obsolete but are still around and keep enterprises busy. Remove the fuss, remove assumptions and make directors, managers and work force walk a straight path to Operational Exellence build on Enterprise Architecture.

We share knowledge.

– Experience –

  • We answer questions of business and IT disciplines in the advent and presence of EAM.
  • We describe the the different phases of EAM.
  • We share knowledge on how to get started with EAM.
  • We illuminate and document traps that enterprises fall into.
  • We decompose trends and explain their “whys”.

– Theory & Research –

  • We deliver insights for why EAM upheaves.
  • We depict how EAM is going to evolve.
  • We collect reasearch papers and challenge them in reality.

Can you contribute?

Yes. You can. Share your knowledge, experience, reply to articles and illustrations. Though, we demand for our readers: be precise, consise and speak of facts, plausability and declare observations as such.